STITCHER'S GARDEN 2, Quilt-As-You-Go - 2023
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STITCHER'S GARDEN 2, Quilt-As-You-Go - 2023

Specialty presser feet and accessories can make sewing easier and more fun. In each class different specialty presser feet or attachments and techniques will be featured and used to make two quilt blocks.   Explore many of the decorative stitches built into your machine and how to use them to create beautiful quilt bocks.  Have you ever drooled over some beautiful threads and wondered how in the world you could ever use them in your sewing?  Learn how in this class.  Add embellishments that you make or buy to make quilt blocks more interesting! This class will inspire you like never before! Your machine can do so much more than stitch straight and zigzag seams.

The class meets every other week for a total of 7 class sessions. In each class, I will demonstrate the featured foot or accessories and techniques for the featured blocks. Then you can practice it in class or at home, and make the featured blocks. There is homework! There are usually preparation to do prior to the class.  Usually it is preparing and cutting out the block fabrics and printing the pattern and instructions to bring to class.  Class sessions are 4 1/2 hours long but not long enough time get in some practice and to complete the blocks. Blocks can be started in class and usually completed at home between classes. Also during class, time will be spent on how to join blocks  together.  Plan to bring your previous months’ blocks to each class.

Presser Feet purchased for this class from Charlotte Sewing Center are discounted. We carry Pfaff, Viking and Babylock feet.

Quilt As You Go
Stitcher’s Garden 2 is a quilt design by Lynda Howell of The Stitch Connection. It has been converted to QUILT-AS-YOU-GO which means each block is quilted as it is constructed and then the quilted blocks are sewn together using sashing strips. The border is added to the sewn-together blocks and quilted by machine. If you have an embroidery machine, you can learn to quilt the border ‘in the hoop’. Quilt-As-You-Go (QAYG) is an simpler way to make a quilt on a sewing machine.

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Instructor: Susan Nelson
Questions about the class?  Contact Susan by phone at 704-674-4391 or by email at

I communicate about the class via email so please be sure your email address is correct.  You might want to add my email to your contacts to help ensure that my emails do not land in your spam mail folder.

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STITCHER'S GARDEN 2, Quilt-As-You-Go - 2023

$ 200.00
Includes digital patterns and digital instructions emailed to you to be printed and brought to class. Registation closes 15 days before the first class.



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