EMBROIDERY SOFTWARE - 02 February 2023 - Cross Stitch Part 2
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EMBROIDERY SOFTWARE - 02 February 2023 - Cross Stitch Part 2

Join me in exploring mySewnet and Premier+2 embroidery software.  Must have a basic familiarity with getting around in the software; this is NOT an introductory level class. 

TOPIC: Cross Stitch Part 2, Continue Exploring the Cross Stitch program

Software level required: mySewnet PLATINUM level or Premier+2 ULTRA level

Class Description:
Design cross stitch embroideries with traditional stitches and the speed of a machine.  Work with many of the features that you may not use often like cross stitch fill patterns and creating your own cross stitch text!  

Create your own cross stitch patterns or use the Cross Stitcher Wizard to create designs automatically. Select from traditional and modern stitches — full, half, quarter, mini and half-height or half-width crosses, fixed or free backstitch and French knots. Instantly reflect your design up to 8 times with the Multiply feature. Draw shapes with crosses, outlines and fill patterns. Choose from elegant backstitch and cross stitch fonts, including multicolor fonts, or create text from most TrueType® or OpenType® fonts on your computer. This lesson will step you through many of these features.

PC and MAC are both welcome in the class
I will be demonstrating using mySewnet software, PC version, so if you are using Premier+2, PC version your screens may look a bit different than mine, but the lesson does apply to the Premier+2 software also.  The lesson applies, too, to the MAC version of the software. You do need to know how to get around in the MAC software version because icons and 'names' of features are a bit different.

Class Preparation for In-Store attendance: software loaded on a laptop computer to bring to class and updated to the most recent version.  Plan to use a MOUSE.  Even if you are proficient using the thumb pad,  I have found it to be inefficient to use in the software during class.  Must have a basic familiarity with getting around in the software; this is not an introductory class. 

Instructor: Susan Nelson, Certified Software Instructor

Questions about the class?  Contact Susan by phone at 704-674-4391 or by email at debonair2@bellsouth.net.

Suggest a topic for a software class.  Just email Susan.

EMBROIDERY SOFTWARE - 02 February 2023 - Cross Stitch Part 2

$ 25.00
Requires MySewnet PLATINUM or Premier+2 ULTRA software level
SFTW-02 2023:   Fri, Feb 3, 2023 at 9:30 am to 12:30 pm
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