SFTW-06 2024 : EMBROIDERY SOFTWARE - Make it more interesting with FRINGE.
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SFTW-06 2024 : EMBROIDERY SOFTWARE - Make it more interesting with FRINGE.

Join me in exploring mySewnet (and Premier+2) embroidery software.  Must have a basic familiarity with getting around in the software.  (If you need introductory lessons, free Beginner mySewnet video lessons can be found on mySewnet.com)

TOPIC: Fringe and Thread Velvet

Software level required: mySewnet Platinum or Premier+2 Ultra

Class Description:

Note that this is a change in topic for June.  Originally the topic was turning ordinary stitching into an applique and adding embellishments but during planning for the class, I concluded it was a bit impractical.  We will do embellishments another time
The lion with a fringe mane looks so much more interesting than the flat, pattern stitch mane of the original; do you agree?  Fringe can be used for animal manes, tails and even fur.  It can be used to make flowers and hair and all sorts of things.  Thread Velvet is a variation of fringe and makes beautiful embellishment, flowers, leaves and other whimsical things.  In this class we will start with an embroidery design and change some elements from plain fill stitches to textured fringe and/or thread velvet.  Come join the fun.

PC and MAC are both welcome in the class

For this lesson, there will be written instructions for the PC computers.    
I will be demonstrating using mySewnet software, PC version.  If you are using, a MAC you do need to know how to get around in the MAC software version because icons and 'names' of features are a bit different.

Class Preparation: software loaded on a laptop computer to bring to class and updated to the most recent version.  Please also bring a MOUSE.  Even if you are proficient using the thumb pad, I have found it to be inefficient to use in the software during class.  If your computer has a touch screen, you might find a stylus or computer pen useful.  You must have a basic familiarity with getting around in the software as this is not an introductory class.  And, because we darken the room for projecting the lesson, it helps with note taking to have a small light that can plug into the computer USB port.

Instructor: Susan Nelson, Certified Software Instructor

Questions about the class?  Contact Susan by phone at 704-674-4391 or by email at debonair2@bellsouth.net.

Suggest a topic for a software class.  Just email Susan.

SFTW-06 2024 : EMBROIDERY SOFTWARE - Make it more interesting with FRINGE.

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Fri, Aug 2, 2024 at 9:30 am to 12:30 pm
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